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saint-emilion grand cru classé

Château Laniote 2016

Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classé

2016, our latest arrival! It took some waiting and gave us a lot of worry: the winter was very mild and wet, with rain continuing throughout a spring that was very cool till late June—with the exception of just one week of good weather early that month at the moment of flowering. (Whew!) Then, at the end of June, everything changed from one day to the next with the arrival of a high pressure system which brought sun, heat, and practically no rainfall until September 13. This was followed by an after-season of more sun, high temperatures and very little rain—just enough to ensure the vine’s physiological development.
Bud break came early in March, but growth was slowed by a cool spring. Constant rainfall brought disease, notably mildew, requiring us to be extremely vigilant in the vineyard. Next, heat and sun enabled very good maturity of the grapes, with véraison a little later than usual but very quick. And to conclude, there was 31 mm of rain on September 13 which was greatly needed to bring the grapes to maturity. Still, patience was required to achieve optimal ripeness! The result was an unusually late picking, spread out from October 6 to 19—we never waited so long for the Cabernets before. But the harvest was excellent, producing deep color and potential alcohol levels of 14.5%, richness and roundness, with powerful and silky tannins.
This is already a very promising wine from a very generous vintage.
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