Château Laniote

saint-emilion grand cru classé

Château Laniote 2013

Saint-Emilion Grand Cru Classé

Let's go! The sun's out, and the pickers are champing at the bit, looking forward at last to getting down to work along the rows of vines.
2013 has been an extremely challenging campaign, with very tricky weather to contend with right to the end of the growing season. It began excessively wet and cool, but was punctuated, thank goodness, by a really fine summer. And then, as soon as it was clear that the harvest would be late, the heavens opened again at the end of September, albeit with unseasonably warm temperatures.
We had to work doubly hard in the vineyard. The yield was down and the risk of disease was high. Some plants produced no grapes, while others bore a large crop which had to be thinned in order to ripen the remaining bunches. It was a sacrifice worth making because we were able to harvest a crop just less than half the normal size but of good quality: deeply coloured and full of flavour.
Today, it's a very pleasant wine, lively, easy to dink now to profit of its fruity aromas, fresh, menthol et crispy notes; and on the palate, the tannin is velvety and delicate, with light spicy and tobacco flavours.

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